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TIDRADIO TD-777 :Easy to operate and meet various needs

Why Choice TIDRADIO TD-777:
The TD-777 radio have the slight but stubborn radio body ,easy to carry for the family travel and team work,don’t worry the drop out for several times.
High-quality 2 pin headset with great transmission and work well for a long time. Additional battery one battery in use the other battery is charge not need to worry not power.

Packing Already include the program cable you can setting the radio as you want. Don\\\'t need to buy the extra belt clips, antennas,batteries. It comes with free.Once ordered,enjoy long time using.


10X TIDRADIO TD-777 radio
10X 2 Pin Covert Air Acoustic Earpiece

20X 1500mAh battery
10X Standard antenna

10X Blet Clip
 Hand Strap
1X Program Cable
5 X User Manual
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