How to set VOX function of walkie talkies?


Many customers ask about how to open two way radio’s VOX function recently. So I decide to post this blog for your reference.

VOX function, also known as hands free function, is also a little different from the others.Different walkie-talkies have different ways of setting this function.


Business Radio


Usually, by pressing hot keys on the radios, the VOX will be activated. But for some 2 way radio, just doing this is not enough, you should also program it in the software.


First, you need to set the VOX function to on through the software. One of the side buttons of the two-way radio can be set as a VOX function shortcut key through programming, so that it can be used more quickly and conveniently in the future.

Some two way radio have a fixed channel to open this function, as long as you set to a certain channel, you can turn on the VOX function. (Need to refer to your product manual for operation)


Ham Radio


There are two methods :

1. Use the keyboard menu function to set the VOX function directly; you only need to turn on the intercom.

1) press the MENU button, and then press the menu NO. 4;

2) Press the key MENU again ,come to the parameter setting;

3) Press the key MENU to confirm and save;

4) Press the EXIT button to exit.


2.You need to connect to the ham radio through the computer and use the software to set the VOX function to on.


To achieve this, pls:


Download the driver and software

Connect two way radio with your computer by the programming cable.

Turn on the radio. And make sure the com port in the software is same as the computer’s.

Then it is the interface of software. First click”read from the radio”.

After click VOX on, pls click “write to the radio”.



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